I have that old black goo problem in my drains in this 60 year old house. 95% clog in the bathroom sink. Could see it looking down the ole drain hole in the pipes. So I decided to replace all the pipes from sink to wall. Only problem with this idea is I couldn't separate the drain from the sink. Old metal parts that were as good as welded together.

Now $400 and one whole day later for new sink, cabinet and pipes, I still have the same old %95 clog problem. Researched on-line and seems the best approach is to use some bio product that lives in and eats the stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner, until it's all gone. Not exactly a quick option, but an option.

I found BIO-CLEAN Drain Septic Bacteria in Amazon for $50. I plan on ordering this and see how well it works over time.

Anyone else experienced this black goo problem in their pipes and the remedy that they used and the effectiveness of it?