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Thanks. I'll try crossing it over to the sub at 60hz. One last question, I read something at audioholic that you're not supposed to cross different frequency from each speakers to the sub because it may not sound right for the bass management and recommends you to keep all your speaker to 80hz.

And there lies the issue with most receivers in they use a general catch all for all speakers and not give a crossover for the sub.

The thought of 80hz is they make believe that you cannot tell directionality at sounds below 80hz. BS. The number is also to allow for lower sounds to come from speakers that are not designed to make those sounds.

If your receiver allows for you to get some overlap. Ie you can set your front M80 to cross over to the sub at 60hz, but have your surrounds and sub set to 80hz. That way the semi directional sound from 65-85hz can come from both the fronts and the sub at the same time and will feel more like it's coming from everywhere assuming the subs are not right beside the fronts.

That makes a lot of sense. So set the m80 to 60hz, surround and center to 80hz have the sub play from 80hz? Is 60hz the sweet spot for the m80 hp or can it go lower?