Hi: I've just gone & done it again,LOL...in the process of getting a VP160 V.4 QS8's V.2's all from the refurb grin store looking forward to hearing the improvement from what I'm currently using just look below this post to see what I'm using now....sometime this summer going to upgrade my AVR from my RXA-1000 to a Anthem MRX-720 or if $$$ become tighter then expected a Yamaha RXA-2050/2060!!! Guess I'll be eating more KD for awhile!!!!LOL!!!As usual Axiom(Debbie in this case just like my M80's in March) were/are a class act to deal with!!!Will report when all upgrades are done with feedback!!! smile
M80V3,VP150ti,Mission Speakers,Paradigm DSP-3100 Sub Yamaha RXA-2050