This morning and afternoon my daughter's high school was hosting the first Marching Band competition of the season in our region. My wife and I were volunteering to help out at the competition, and during the frequent down-time I jumped on to Facebook.

It was then that I saw Randy (SirQuack) post a photo of his son's band on our field. I had no idea that he would be there.

So there we were, just on opposite sides of the same football field. I responded to his post, and even tried to send a messenger note, but nothing... I know some people here would try to avoid me, but usually we are friendlier than that here in Iowa. grin

So we were so close for a handshake and quick chat, but alas, it never happened.

It is early in the Marching Band Competition season in Iowa, so maybe later in the season.

Now off to go help fill sand bags (expecting major flooding in our area in the next 24-48 hours (flood stage is 12 feet, projection is almost 25.5 feet of water). We are safe where we live, but a lot of people aren't. This is coming 8 years after the worst flood in history (for our area) where water hit just over 32 feet. Some areas never recovered from that one.

Then another marching band competition later tonight. Busy day.

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