Hey Bridgeman, you are my brother! Look at all those speakers!

That's a picture of my living room. I used the dining room for the buffet.

I rent the tables and chairs. I've been doing these pre-Thanksgiving dinners on Mondays and Tuesdays for over 20 years. After all, the turkeys are not getting any younger and nothing good is happening to the turkeys between Monday and Thursday.

Everyday is Thanksgiving!

I agree with you about the M3s. I love listening to them. I think they may be Axiom's best all-around speakers.


BTW, those are the magnificent Michaura M65s in the background. Incredibly solid hex shaped Rosewood cabinet and the familiar 6.5" drivers. They use Axiom's 0.75" Titanium tweeters. They are one of the few bookshelf speakers that I prefer to the M3s, although, it is a close call. The left speaker is sitting atop an EP500 subwoofer. The tube amp is the wonderful Antique Sound Labs MG SI 15DT with the V-Cap modification, Tung Sol 6550s and Mullard 12ax7s.

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