I have short pieces of 1x1 lath under the front feet of the M40s to angle them up a bit, since my ears tend to be further from the ground than most. This means that the top of the M40s angles back a bit.

So I'm working in the office, DSOTM is playing on the M3s. I hear a brief "grunk" kind of noise, wonder if I have volume up too high (driving them with 250 WPC amp) but don't hear any other noises so figure the noise came from outside somewhere.

I go back into the living room & sit down, notice that the imaging doesn't sound right. Looking at the speakers something doesn't look right either, one of the M3s is missing !

The right hand M3 vibrated towards the back of the M40 (angled surface + DSOTM) and fell off onto the rockwool bundle I'm using as an impromptu bass trap. No apparent damage though. The left hand M3 had slid to the back of its M40 and was still moving slowly.

M40s are now level and rubber dimples installed on the M3s. Hopefully everything will stay put now.

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