I do pefer fruitloops.

But you are correct on all accounts. Web page not updated. They changed the plate on the ep800 amp because nobody liked the adapter in the xlr as it stuck out too far...and I agree. I rather it this way. I also rather the black vs the silver. I got a new amp, and the woofers are the newer design.

So, outside of the marks, I walked away with a great deal. Ian got my confusion sorted via email.

I know someone else bought the other one so they might appreciate the info as well.

As for how it sounds, it was in transit since Dec 23rd. It was a giant ice cube when I got it. I let it sit for most of the day before turning it on. I got about 20 mins with it and its certainly an upgrade over the 500.

It's a beast though. Delivery guy was SO happy I was home and my house was all ground level...aka no stairs. lol

EP500/800/HSU VTF3/SVS PB2k/SB2k/SB-12