There are still some things I'd like to see done better on the Air and it seems updates are moving quite slow.

1. Ability to adjust bass/treble or an eq.
2. Ability to have multi-room setup permanently. Right now the interface and volume controls to setup multiple Air's is just confusing every one in my house and I have to do it for them each time. It's creating the "I don't like this thing" attitude which is not helping me justify the high cost to the woman...for whom it was bought for. They aren't using it because they are frustrated with it. I'll admit to even fighting with the Volume controls when using multiple rooms as well. It's quirky.
3. Bluetooth. Enable it.
4. Ability for Android to stream Youtube to the Air. #3 would help.
5. Ability to startup and auto start a favorite radio station, even better, be able to schedule it. I realize there is an alarm mode but you have to leave the speaker on all the time - which I'm not doing. If I can't have both, at least have it start my fav radio station on boot.
6. Version 2 NEEDS physical volume buttons. NEEDS network connection on the back. Just say'n.
7. Ability to adjust sub output via app/web interface.
8. Ability to connect to a windows share.

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