Well, I made a major error with Netflix this weekend. I foolishly changed my login password & have been unable to log in ever since. Lots of calls to NF all to no avail.

Now I'm unable to log into NF through my Blu Ray WiFi even tho my account & password are correct.

Using my normal Dragon (Chrome) browser, I can correctly log into NF website but creates an error when trying to play a selection - evidently an obscure module is missing that was there before.

Using Internet Explorer browser, I can correctly log into NF website (uses Silverlite) & can play selections normally - on the computer - but not through my HT using the BD Player's WiFi.

I understand that the Chrome browser might replace the missing module & get it going. Unfortunately I detest the full Chrome bloatware but I might have to bite the bullet & try it.

Perhaps this is a case of legacy gear that is not working very well anymore. Anyway I'm really close to cancelling NF entirely which is unfortunate.

Any thoughts?...