Hey guys!

Been a long time member (‘06) and finally getting to a point in life where I can afford a sound system! I purchased my dad a 7.1 JBL Northridge (E100,EC35, 4xE50, Klipsch 12” sub) back in the day and now it is my turn! 🎉

My budget is aiming for under $10K including the new tv but I can wait for a TV into 2020 if needed. I am also looking for a system that I intend to keep for the next 15+years. The room it is going in is undecided. House will be purchased in the Summer.

After all the research, I am looking at M100, VP180, 2xQS10 or the Paradigm Prestige line of 95F,55C,2x25S. I will not pay full retail for paradigm but I would still expect a $3-$4K difference in price.

So for the question— is the significant price difference worth it or will the Axiom more than hold its own so I could allocate remaining budget to sub and tv? In 15years, who knows I might be able to afford the Paradigm Persona or Bryston equivalent line haha.

But why Axiom? I’ve always been drawn to their history, build, quality, and forums/customer support aspect. I have no relation or research with Paradigm, nor have I compared the two side by side.

Just looking for some reassurance before I drop a significant amount of money (for me at least) that I have been saving for some time.

As for subs, including the WAF, I am looking at the SVS PB16, Rythmik G25HP, and PSA S3611. Does Axiom ever plan to come out with a level higher than the EP800? Receiver will be from the Yamaha Aventage line. TV, depends on 2019 tech and ‘19 Black Friday specials 😛

Sorry for the long post and wall of text. Just excited to FINALLY be making my purchase within the next 6mo after YEARS of waiting!!