You are right my room is very short so that could totally explain it. And it certainly wasnt bad before but now its just WOW!!

Oh I know the M60Tis are likely next on my list. Been reading your comments on the M5s Mojo and actually recommended them to my father-in law who bought them just before Christmas and they are fantastic. Only thing that I am hesitant on with them is I dont love stands. I cant do on wall for the L/R so was looking at M50 but feel I might lose something.

I actually thought that at first about the QS4 across the back. I think based on my odd shaped room and low ceiling they actually do improve the sound. I did an A/B (blind) with my family and myself and found that we all preferred the sound with them as opposed to without. I since have added upfiring modules which I was skeptical on but again due to my room I think work unexpectedly well, so Q10s at the side wont really work. I suppose I could do