Through forum browsing. All the issues I was having seem quite common at the moment. If your going more REW extreme or taking to long between measurements the program has a critical error. Mic lost or some B.S.

As for the program it's really comprehensive, you can set all your own parameters. Or just use the N.R.C. conjunction targets built in.
Took me hours to run it!!! Kept resetting. {Using the base targets} {LFE 120Hz, rest of speakers 80Hz} Plus with the sub's at same level of previous version kept getting a turn down sub 3Db. message. Probably turned the gain from a 3rd of where it originally was, now at maybe 45% of total volume from about 60% on the dials

As for the sound it's more balanced and the sub's seem more blended. If possible with the amount of subs Amp. decreased.

Have seen many recommendations to run subs hotter, with lower processor volume for improved impact. {Use the sub. Amp for volume as opposed to your Pre, AVR.} Definitely not scientific or probably researched. I think logical due to the point of a sub and its crossover being to let an AVR have a break and focus on Mid trebles with out maxing power?

Hopefully they get all the bugs sorted soon.