I just ran ARC Genesis for with my Anthem MRX-1120 tonight. Just did the auto mode and not the "professional" mode with all of the options. Zero issues. Was done in about 6-7 minutes.

As good as ARC 2 was, Genesis is even better. I spent the last almost 3 hours just listening to demo material because everything was so much better, particularly Atmos and DTS:X material.

The only thing that I got was the "please turn your sub(s) down by 3dB" message. I just turned my subs down a tiny bit and hit resume and it went on with no issues. No lacking bass from ARC 2, in fact it had a little more punch without being boomy and was smoother with the rest of the audio, whether movie or music.

If tomorrow wasn't Mother's Day, I would mess around with the pro mode and set up a house curve and set it to ignore correcting anything above somewhere around 200-500Hz

Sorry that you are having problems.

Farewell - June 4, 2020