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I was thinking of buying Axiom and Bryston. I'd call it Braxiom. Everyone could keep their current jobs and all the profits. I'd even fund a brewery that Andrew can play with. I'd want a few things on the roadmap though. I'd want Linear Frequency Everywhere Radiators. Drivers on top, drivers on bottom, drivers all around. That would please Craig because he wouldn't need a centre. I'd want 8" woofers to please 2x6. And I'd want a tube version of the ADAs - again to please 2x6. I'd also want an Air LFRNM1 ('nad mass) with 600W a side, a 300W sub and built-in dilithium generator for power. I'd give Slimpikins, bman, brwsaw, Bridgman, CV, brendo, 2x6 and Craig one of everything just because I could. I'd change the Bryston mini A to a 5" mid and leave the price the same. Anyone with v3 or earlier would automagically get v4 shipped for free (even you mattmanhasgonebutisbackagain). Not Alan, TAM or Johnk though because they love their legacy M22s. And for trade-in, I'd take any speaker to fuel the factory furnace. Ian can have whatever the hell he wants. I'd commission a statue of him hugging an LFR. I'd hire young maidens to rub warm ferro fluid on his Scottish hairy back while he works by the chamber. I'd buy all of Dwight and the surrounding forests and turn it into Braxiomland - a playground for nerds. Everyone from any Canadian speaker or amp manufacturer would get free housing and double their current salary as long as they agreed to work on the Braxiom Master Plan - to create an intergalactic Braxiom Air Network.

We need a theme song for this. We could go A: spiritual with "Kumbaya" ... OR ... B: realistic with "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw."

B is probably right.