while in houston this weekend, i managed to get away for about 45 minutes, and checked out the local 'Tweeter' store in the area. i had been very excited to go there, cause it was the first really 'high-end' type audio/video store i had ever been to.

it was a smaller store, but they had walls of HD tv's upon entrance, and then the amp and listening rooms were off to the sides. i wont say much for their customer service. when i walked in, the guy just kinda looked at me, then went right back to a magazine he was reading. he gave me that, "he cant afford this" look. it kinda pissed me off.. anyway, i mainly wanted to see the subs and speakers that i have been reading about for all these months, so i jetted straight to the listening room. it was pretty cool. they had a few models that i had been interested in buying(polk, vienna, and sonus faber), but their retail prices were ridiculious. and i was not impressed with their sub selection. polks, velodyne, and boston acoustics. big whup?...

i did listen to a few bookshelf/amp combinations, but nothing that really made my head spin. i liked a B&K system that they had, but once again, way too pricy.

all in all, i thought it was a waste of time. their selection of equip was limited, and their customer service was pitiful. hopefully, my next 'audio store' experience will be much better.