Due to the dimensions of the wall where my PJ screen will go, I have two choices:
1. 110" Stewart screen with microperf, and place L/C/R speakers behind the screen.
2. 90" (or less) screen and use "regular" speakers.

The current front-runner is the Sonance Cinema Ultra II LCR, along with four Cinema Ultra II SUR's, for a 7.1 system. Retails for $6500, my price $3990. I like them especially because they have their own enclosure, eliminating one of the main "unknowns" with in-wall speakers: the enclosure.
I could get a 7.1 Axiom setup for much, much less. I'm especially interested in the QS8's. But if I can't flush-mount the W-Series speakers, then I obviously don't want to mix 'n match my surrounds (even if they are half the price of the Sonance Ultra's). It would not really matter if recessing them into the wall made them look ugly. The screen will hide them from the front, and behind the wall is just a utility room.
So, could the In-Wall/On-Wall Axiom speakers be flush-mounted? How? What might happen, sonically, if they were sunk 3.4" deeper than they were engineered to be?

One final question for now: Has anybody listened to the Sonance Cinema Ultra II's?