Anyone have a good spot to look for TV stands? I am tentatively planning on the new Sony 50" A2000 when it comes out next month, depending upon how it looks once it is actually released. I'll need a stand for it too though. I don't expect the VP150 to be able to sit on top of the TV, so the stand will need room for that, the receiver, 2 DVD players (one is really for SACD), a digital cable box, and maybe a VCR, but it might finally be time to dump that. I'll look at stores if I need to, but I prefer to look online. I would need not just unit dimensions, but dimensions of the shelves as well though, if I was going to buy one online without seeing it in a store.

As far as stores go, I'm sure AV stores have stands, but they are probably expensive to get from there. I don't know that regular furniture stores would have much. I'm not a DIY type of guy, so that isn't really an option. Any suggestions?

Ideally there should be a back to it so the wires have something to hide behind, although the ones I am seeing that would work best seem to be glass without dividers side to side on the shelf so things can fit however they fit instead of being limited to an area. The glass ones don't have back though, because well...they're glass.

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