I am planning on getting the following:

2 x M60
2 x QS8s
1 x VP150
1 x SVS-PB10

I am not entirely sure which reciever to go with, my room is 16 x 14 x 7'9". THe hardest thing is trying to get decent prices on recievers in Canada.

I think i will be skipping HDMI capabilities in the reciever this time around. I was going to opt for the RX-V1600 reciever, then i looked at the RX-V2500 which has more power.

Now i have been scoping pioneers, HKs...etc.

There are just SO many recievers out there. One stipulation I do have is that it needs to have component out, in which case i will use it to recieve the future xbox 360, digital cable etc...

I would LIKE to spend below $500CAD. But I am willing to go up to $800. The less i spend on the reciever to sooner i will be able to get the speakers!

I am totally out to lunch here guys, i thought I had it down with the I am not so sure.

Also, where are some good canadian dealers that deal with all brands of recievers at discounted prices including warranty? Anyone know?


-Robb "confused"
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