So... it's the dark and stormy night of literary fame. Cold, dreary, a perfect night for vacuuming the house and carrying junk down to the basement (ick, did I say that, I meant watching movies).

The power has flickered out for a second a couple of times, not enough to take down the PC but enough to make me think about all the rumours regarding power failures damaging a projector -- specifically, losing the fan cooling during the powerdown period and thereby damaging the bulb.

What do you think -- is this real, or urban legend ? There does seem to be some possible credibility to the "don't switch a hot filament back on again before it cools" warning, but I'm not sure about that one either.

Advice appreciated. Sony PLV-Z4, of course, running in "Creative Cinema" with the lamp over-ridden to "eco" ie lowest power.

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