Greetings all!

First post here, as I have been doing research on several components across several different websites, and I have heard too many good things about Axiom speakers and Axiom forum members to not at least post my plan here to get some more constructive criticism.

Moving into an apartment come November, and we are dedicating the master bedroom to being a man-cave for my roommate and I. Most of the time this room would be used for movies and or video games. The room is 18 feet long and about 12 feet wide, as seen in the layout here.

Right now I have not purchased ANY hardware yet, but I can list the components that I am currently looking at or debating.

1. HD Projector. Probably going to go with the Epson 8350, though I may wait for one of their new 3D capable ones like the 3010. (200 more lumens, 10000 less contrast ration, though I know neither of those numbers should be taken at face value)

2. 7.1 Receiver. Currently homed in on a Marantz SR5005, still looking at Onkyo TX-NR709 as well as the Pioneer VSX 1020. I would like a 3D capable one that can do Multi EQ though I'm not really familiar with the other specs of a receiver I should be paying attention to. I am assuming that 110w per channel would be sufficient for the M60s even though they are rated at 250 per channel. Edit: One more important spec is network connectivity, and I don't know if video scaling applies differently when connected to a computer but it will sometimes be plugged into an HTPC/gaming PC.

3. Since I'm assuming Axiom has a great midrange sound with the M60s, and also assuming my setup will get a good use out of them, I am going to get a budget sub. I was originally considering a 12" Lava sub, but have heard from some that only a 10" would be necessary in certain situations. I have heard good things about Dayton subs as well.

4. Here is the relevant part. I am sticking with a 5.1 setup for now since I will only have maybe 2 or 3 feet behind the projector in the back of the room which from what I understand, does not warrant another 2 speakers. I am sold on floorstanding speakers since they will be placed to the left and right of a 100"+ screen. While I am clueless as far as what any of these speakers sound like, I am told that I should be looking at sensitivity and frequency range. I was originally considering the M50s but I was also told that the quality jump between the 50 and 60 is vastly larger than the jump between the 60 and 80. If I am going to have relatively nice video setup, I guess I would like the speakers to be equally awesome.

4b. As much of a noob as I am when it comes to speakers in general, I am even more clueless when it comes to choosing the rears. I have heard of people using bookshelf speakers which accomplish a different noise as opposed to the dedicated QS speakers, so I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on that as well.

Thanks in advance for any responses!

Edit: I do not have a fixed budget, but the more expensive it is the longer I have to wait smile D

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