It's a great example of how social media can be influential and invoke positive change.

However, child soldiers are a big problem in many countries of the world and while I applaud this effort to remove one leader, I hear many people discussing this video as if he is the only one in the world performing such a travesty when there are many countries where it is not only common, but even socially accepted.

Hopefully it will result in not only Koney's downfall but also a much better appreciation of the global issue.

If you are interested in another first hand look at the situation from someone who has witnessed the results, I highly recommend reading Romeo Dallaire's book.
They fight like Soldiers, They Die Like Children
It's not for the feint of heart but then again neither is the reality.

I had the pleasure, no honor, of hearing Mr. Dallaire do a speech on leadership in the non-profit sector that was based upon his experiences that he describes as his failed attempts as Force Commander of Unimar to try and stop the genocide in Rwanda. Obviously there is no comparison between the work as a non-profit leader in Canada and the situation in Rwanda but his speech centered around the psychological challenges of being a leader in general. When put into perspective of the challenges and mental anguish he endured (to the point of admitted attempted suicide upon his return.) then it really sets a perspective that can not be ignored.

Oops a bit off topic here but obviously I count Mr. Dallaire as a personal hero of mine and I believe both his books, the above plus Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda should be read by everyone who enjoys life in a free and democratic nation.
With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.