As some of you know I've completed my new basement HT room so I'm now looking to fill it up. If I can gather the courage to make one more large purchase I'm thinking about replacing my M3's and VP150 with something new for this room. I have my eye on a pair of M80's and a VP180 with a new pair of QS8s for the side surrounds and using my existing QS4s for the rear surrounds.

I currently have an old HK AVR630 which I believe should be able to handle the 4 ohm load of the speakers. I know it's only rated 75x7 or 90x2 but HK way over built this receiver plus I have no money for a new one right now!

The room is ~3000 cu ft. It's rather wide too at 23' which brings me to wonder if I would have any significant off angle issues with the VP180. Of course the poor folks sitting at the extreme edges aren't going to have a very balanced experience anyway but I decided to go with this design because it will be better for watching football games than a traditional two row HT room. Pros and cons like anything. My seat in the center of the room is all that really matters, right? laugh

Here is a diagram of the room.

I always spend a lot of time over thinking big purchases like this. I wanted to see if I had thought of everything that I should have. Some really great and helpful minds around here that I figured I'd put to good use!
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