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This is incredibly bizarre CV! Your ADA1000 went through a full regimen of line testing, including a full suite of testing by me in the lab. I think you have all of the steps correct, but please check all of the following:

1. Make all input and output connections.
2. Turn on the rear panel switch.
3. Note that there should be red lights visible inside the amp.
4. Press the front panel button.
5. Note that the interior lights should turn blue, the front panel led should light up blue, and you should hear the click of relays.

If the relays are not clicking, then something has happened in shipping to the protection circuit connections. I'm assuming that you are unable to get sound from any of the 4 channels? Also, are you using the trigger connection? If you are, please disconnect it and see if the amp functions.

I'm sorry that your first experience with the amp has been a let down. Believe me, I take this even more seriously as I know your amp was working perfectly before it left the factory. frown

First off, I appreciate you, Amie, and Ian coming out in force. I'm sure this is exactly what you wouldn't want to happen when you're first getting a new product into customers' hands.

Yes on the red lights, and yes on them turning blue, as well as the blue light on the front coming on when I press the front panel button. I'm hearing a click. Should it be a singular click? With other amps, it seems like it's been more than just one click. Anyway, I was hoping that it would magically start working today after being off, disconnected, then reconnected, but no such luck.

I wasn't using the trigger yet, since I was wanting to hear it as soon as possible, and that would have probably taken 15 seconds longer. Ha ha.

Oh, and you're correct, I'm not able to get sound from ANY of the channels.

I'm going to take some pictures later to send to Ian, as he's hoping to spot the culprit.