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On a side note, can you give your opinion of the difference between the Emotiva and Axiom amps? I would be interested to hear you opinion on that matter.

The Emotiva has one less channel, is bigger, and weighs a lot more. They both amplify transparently. I can't really compare further since I'm unable to do direct A/B comparisons, and I'm running the front and rear drivers of the LFRs with the ADA1000 while I was only running front drivers of the LFRs with the XPA-3. I definitely don't regret getting the Axiom amp. This one will be powering the surrounds once I get the ADA1500-4 for the fronts. I guess the Emotiva will power the center at some point, though I don't currently have a place to put it. I'll eventually have Axiom amps all around. I'm still holding out for a pre-pro or receiver that gives me enough features over my current one, including doing simultaneous heights and wides (even if their value may have gone down with the LFRs in the system).