I still need to watch some movies with them. I'll try to do that this coming weekend. I wish I had more room to play with placement in my current room, but it's just not happening. As it is, I think they're over a foot from the wall, which I think is pretty good considering the space constraints. I'm really crossing my fingers for the basement being ready (even if it will still be far from truly finished) to move my system to by the end of summer. Then I can play with placement a lot more.

Just with the music I've been listening to, I do feel like the sound is more three-dimensional, though it does vary. Some material still wants to be flat. It also feels like it's playing cleaner at higher volumes, though I had v2 M80s, so that may have been improved by v3. Not that the M80s were lacking, really, but these just seem to go that little bit further.

For me, based on what I've heard so far, it's worth it, though this price point makes it hard to recommend to other people. They have to be in the market at this price point, I guess, and they have to be fine with getting just that little bit of extra performance. For the people with the disposable income, I'd say the LFRs are a good way to go. Granted, I don't have the means to directly compare them to other speakers in the price range. I wonder if any hobbyists ever get together around here. It would be a hassle, but I think it would be fun to get a conference room somewhere and see what gear people show up with. At least it would give me more points of reference.

Anyway, I'm very happy with what I've been able to achieve with Axioms in my home theater, and I think I can safely say I'll continue to support their research. One thing I'm hoping is they'll make it easy to upgrade the LFRs to newer versions. That's one reason I was hoping for a fully active external crossover. It's probably more of an ordeal if you're switching out the passive crossover. I'm curious if future versions might incorporate changes in the drivers that were made for Bryston's Axiom collaboration. The guy at Bryston made a big deal of transient response in that thread that was linked to. In any case, I'm just thinking I would rather be able to upgrade my LFRs in the future rather than trying to sell these and buy whatever future versions are released. It's not going to be easy for me to stay with Axiom flagships at this price is all.

Now I need to save for a new display, since my warranty ran out on my Sony SXRD (I got a 5-year warranty after the trouble with my first one--I can't believe it's been that long), and it feels like what's holding my system back at this point. Besides the room, I mean. I may still go with a projector, but I'm leaning toward a cheaper 65" plasma to last me until more laser projectors are out. That would at least give me 5 more inches and would probably give me faster HDMI switching. But an even larger image from a projector would be better.

Anyway, I still have more to get out of the LFRs, so I'm sure I'll have more to say after 1) I watch more movies, and 2) I move them into a better room.