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The guy at Bryston made a big deal of transient response in that thread that was linked to. In any case, I'm just thinking I would rather be able to upgrade my LFRs in the future rather than trying to sell these and buy whatever future versions are released. It's not going to be easy for me to stay with Axiom flagships at this price is all.

I don't quite follow you on this one... It sounds like you want to get the Bryston Model T's, and have some buyers remorse due to future products? I thought about getting the Model t's myself. However, the Bryston's will be in the 10k$ price range. They also need 6 channels of amplification... Also, I think the primary changes to the Brystons were made to the 8" woofers (this is just a guess on my part).. Since the LFR's use 6 1'2" woofers,i don't know if the "upgrade" would be needed or available..

Since you asked about other brands in the same price range.

Another Brand i was considering was a pair of pre-owned Wilson Sasha's. These are going for 5-7k$ used.. However, since we were able to get the LFR's for 2,700$, i thought the LFR's were a much better value. I auditioned the Wilson's and they sounded quite nice; however, i think that the LFR's+ a pair of 600's out perform the wilson's by a long shot at the same price point. I would hypotheses that for the same amount of money one would spend on the Model T's you could get MUCH more performance from a combination of Axiom products. for 10k$, one could easily buy a pair of LFR's and a pair of EP-800's.

I think once you get your speakers moved into the basement, and there is a solid wall behind both of your LFR's you will notice a significant improvement.

I look forward to your future comments.