It's the damn shipping that's going to kill it financially.

I've always liked how Axiom just absorbs shipping into the product cost. As a consumer, that makes me feel "better". But I know it's not free.

Let's say I want to upgrade my M60's to M80's. I don't have my shipping boxes anymore. So, even if I pay for materials and delivery of the shipping boxes, I'm still sending two, big, heavy boxes thousands of miles so that Axiom can send me two other big, heavy boxes.

I'd like it if you could make it work, of course. I'd certainly trust "refurb" products from Axiom but would expect them to cost somewhat less than B-Stock, especially if they are not current versions.

What I'd REALLY like is an upgrade kit so that I could convert my ti models to v3. Shipping drivers and a crossover costs a lot less, would help scratch my upgrade itch, and might help Axiom obtain refurb parts for previous generation speakers.
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