The success of this really does come down to the numbers and we really won’t be totally sure what the right numbers are going to be until we have some experience with the Refurb store. The pilot project will certainly involve some guesses. I think we can say with confidence that the version is going to have a big effect on the number but again we will have to try it to know the delta for sure.

We can send cartons and pack for the traded-in product along with the new product to save some shipping dollars but there is still the reality that we are shipping the traded-in product back here and then back out again (not something that would work outside of North America). So the number that we could offer on the trade would end up being what we could sell it for in the Refurb store less the cost of the freight back and out again and a bit for the cost of the rework.

On the subject of up-grade kits there are a couple of wrinkles. One being that the cabinet has probably changed from one version to another so those upgrades would be sacrificed. The other is mainly related to M60s, M80s, and the VP180 in that the wiring going to the 5.25” woofers has to be changed at the crossover. This involves a lot of soldering and extreme care to get them in the correct place on the board. This said our parts are available to purchase so it can be done now. Different parts would be required depending on the model and series to bring them to v3 but we can assist in making that determination. In some instances the upgrade kit will end up being more expensive than the trade-in option.
Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer