It continues.

Unfortunately, this is one of the problems with the net & its anonymity. While it can provide a wealth of information for us all, anything negative (valid or not) hangs around forever & is continually regurgitated years later. It just never goes away & I believe can unduly influence those who can't or don't think for themselves.

Eventually this has to cause some damage to any entities at which this stuff is directed. Search engines are not their friend in this respect.

From what I've seen all over the net, there are so many who cannot bring themselves to choose products on their own - it seems to have be a massive group effort. Just look at the number of threads that pop up daily that beseech others to make their choice for them, even though a simple search back for over a month would provide more information & opinions than one can ever assimilate. There is often no real need to start a new thread to pose the same questions over & over. Thus all of the reoccurring themes, opinions & sometimes heated debates (often by the same crews) are continually replicated & stay around forever.

I need to stop patrolling these other forums for my own mental health; however, some valid & helpful information is sometimes lurking out there & I don't want to miss it...