The Cranberries, with their second album, No Need to Argue, were pretty much my musical awakening. Sure, I listened to music before, but not so much for myself, where I would really seek it out. I couldn't get enough.

Cake always makes me think of driving somewhere, since they really can't be topped for singing along to in a vehicle.

My sister listened to a lot of George Michael's Faith at once point, and that was at a point that I was playing a lot of Dragon Warrior for the NES, so I always associate the two.

I didn't listen to The Proclaimers much until I heard their song, "Over and Done With," in Wes Anderson's first movie, Bottle Rocket. It makes me think of going to Crazy Mike's to rent movies, which isn't around anymore, and which I don't do anymore. Video rental stores are on the way to becoming a strange idea. Anyway, I'm sure there are a ton of songs that everyone can think of which are used to great effect in the movies or TV shows they've seen. How about the great use of XTC's "No Language In Our Lungs" in Freaks and Geeks, which is another piece of entertainment that shaped me.

Johnny Horton makes me think of my dad's inability to sing. Great music, so my dad shouldn't be singing along and ruining it. Oh, wow, I guess today is the anniversary of his death.

Sinéad O'Connor makes me think of listening to music on headphones, since she recommends using them to listen to her album, Universal Mother, in its liner notes. I also went to bed listening to I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got quite a few times with my headphones on.

Björk really made me appreciate music videos. She's had such a high quantity of memorable music videos. I remember my nephew, when he was much, much younger, dancing along to her moves in "Big Time Sensuality."

Weezer makes me think of mix tapes. I made mix tapes of a lot of artists, but the cover I made for the one that was all Weezer songs sticks out in my mind, for some reason. What a hassle that technology was compared to how easily music is shared now, but of course I remember it fondly.

Anyway, that's some of mine.