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I know that several pro amps have been bench tested and shown to deliver. Danley Labs bench tested one of the recent Peavey class D amps and it performed flawlessly.

I do wonder why nobody is producing a prettied up version for the consumer market.

I'm pretty sure that there are pro amps out there that are very, very good, including the one you mentioned; I wasn't knocking out this particular type of amps... sorry if my post gave you that impression. That's why I mentioned that particular brand/model.
And, I believe there are some that fit your description for home use; I have a loaned one from a friend - ATI 1540, and it sounds pretty good.

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Fair enough. The only controlled test on the subject that has ever been done contradicts your findings. There are also a number of people that have attempted something resembling double blind listening tests that contradict your findings. What should I make of that?

It's obvious for me that one should try if possible and do some tests for him/her self as any tests out there have a dose of subjectivism attached, especially when dealing with sound quality. Mine included; there is no way that you should take someone else words as facts.

I guess I will continue to believe that all competently designed amps sound the same and you will continue to believe that there is a real difference. As long as we are both happy...

I took the liberty of highlighting a word in you above quote; this is exactly what I was trying to say but used different words (i.e. same-class). I have to repeat myself: one cannot make blank statement that all amps are the same, regardless of type, manufacturer, specs or price.

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