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I would hate to be in a position where I have to buy anything I want to watch in full HD.

But you have to buy or rent (and some rentals are actually limited in sound anyway) a physical disc in order to get full HD. 1080p with HD 5.1 or 7.1 sound without artifacts or significant compression (even if they SAY it is HD) is still disc based, or some massive torrent download. Streaming still doesn't offer that. Too much bandwidth reuirement today.

But you are right, like Jakewash posted too, a lot of people are about convenience not quality. I remember with MP3s first came out, people thought that a super compressed digital version of a compressed disc version (CD) of an analog recording, and college kids LOVED sharing them around. It was about being cool, trendy, and convenient. Same with streaming at its current level.

MP3s have come a long way, and streaming will get there eventually too. Just years away due to compression and bandwidth limits, but that won't stop people from saying that streaming is the best and blu-ray is dead. Not just you... Some industry "experts" keep writing articles about it too and these same arguments are given to them as feedback as well.

With all of that, if you love streaming, are willing to overlook the shortcomings, and never buy movies any more, then more power to you. Who am I to take that away? I just want the best image and picture and am willing to pay $15-$20 on a disc and not only have full 1080p 100% of the time with DTS-MA soundtracks that are never streamed. So I will stick with discs.
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