Got my free shirt tonight. I met up with a cousin of mine that lives in the area and we were eating dinner right across the highway from the theater.

I stopped over at the Cinemark theater(6 hours before the show starts) and got my printed pre-paid ticket to avoid any lines tonight. Since my seat is reserved, I thought I would ask what time I needed to be here tonight to get the shirt. 3 people later, and a General Manager for Cinemark (their HQ being right across the parking lot) looked in a small storage room, and sure enough, boxes and boxes of shirts. He asked what size, and I was out the door with my shirt. Love it.

He said that technically I was already there "in line" and could have a shirt. I wasn't going expecting to get the shirt 6 hours early, but it is nice since I can now show up 15 minutes before the show and not have to worry about the shirt or not having a seat since it is reserved.

When you work in a support environment, you appreciate it when others do something simple and easy just to make a customer happy.

Go in asking when to be there to get a shirt, walk out with the shirt, that is great.

Now I need to crash for a couple of hours so that I compensate for the lack of sleep tonight, LOL.
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