Watching the Barrett-Jackson auto auction on the Speed TV channel. A 2014 Corvette just went up for auction with 100% of the winning bid going to charity (a design college in Detroit). The winner would NOT receive the car that was at the auction (demo car which has been all over the place). He would get the first production model with the serial # ending in 0001. It sold for $1,050,000. Wasn't real impressed by the looks, but that's just me.

P.S.: The first Batmobile (#1) from the 1960s TV show, was sold by Chuck Barris himself (the designer and builder) who had owned it since day 1. It sold for $4,200,000.

Never seen an auction with so many high priced cars. To this point, 9 vehicles have sold at over 7 figures. I haven't seen any car sell for less than 6 figures. and most for over $500,000. A Dusenburg just sold for $725,000.

Some very cool 50s concept cars were auctioned.

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