If you want a Pixie (lame name) get the package deal with the frother - you will automatically save $50 on the combo. I think that these separate units are better than any single machine ( I reseached a lot on this) unless you go way, way up in price (+$1000). I've heard that some of their other models are being outsourced to China but I can't be certain. Mine is definitely made in Europe.

I got mine for a steal. The combo is $300 in Canada & rarely go on sale. When I bought mine, Nespresso had a $75 credit ($100 in the US go figure) on buying their pods. On top of that, Home Outfitters (none locally here) had a 25% Off Coupon, so my daughter picked me up one for $225 in Victoria - despite what they say, Future Shop would not match that so they lost a sale. So overall I got it for about $150.

Buy the pods from Nespresso. You can get them from Amazon but they are double the price as the seller has to buy them from Nespresso & resell them at a higher price. I got 250 pods for $170 (no tax as it is food & free shipping) that should last me most of this year. Nespresso pods are a quality product, last forever in their aluminum foil packaging & worth what you pay for them IMHO...