I get paid too - and I didn't even review them! $20/post. I hear peter gets paid like this too, we just keep it from you normal posters.

I read through the thread. If you don't praise that brand's questionable nature - you're an Axiom shill. How mature. They didn't give an address or phone addy, in addition to not having -/+ 3 dB ratings next to the frequency response. And the "weaknesses" on the audioreview site were identical for three reviews. The only person in that thread going on the offensive was the person who got kickbacks for giving the speakers a good review. And we think they're shady - I wonder why.

You want to buy from them. The beginning of that thread looks like you're convincing us of why we should convince you into buying them. You want to buy them, yet want to have people give you validation for buying them - just BUY them if you wish to do so, so badly! No reason for headaches when people tell you they look like a shady brand. Or just go someplace where people will give you their utmost sincere validation for buying them. Trolling here for that purpose is useless.

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