Giving an opinion is one thing, even if it's completely uninformed. Lying out of your a-- is another. I expected many biased opinions here, but I did not expect a bald-faced liar.

For those who are wondering why I did a quick 180 after NeverHappy's post, and then another after MtnBkr, here's why.

MtnBkr's post reads like every other Streem customer review I've read so far, i.e., glowingly positive. Since I initially didn't think NeverHappy was lying, for a while I didn't think those AudioReview posts could be trusted. But now it's quite obvious to me who can be trusted and who can't.

Like many others, there was a part of me that thought that Streem's prices and reviews were too good to be true. I was a bit skeptical. So I came here to see if anyone had heard both brands and could HONESTLY compare them.

Finding MtnBkr has put any of my previous suspicions regarding Streem to rest. Streem is a real, quality company. It is a paying sponsor of AudioReview. All customer reviews of their products that I've found so far (on several sites) are remarkably posititive.

The ONLY dissenting voice I've come across so far as to Streem's audio quality is NeverHappy. And his opinion is so far out of line with every other I've found that it's impossible he told the truth. MtnBkr was right in that regard. I now have all the "validation" I need. Streem will likely get my first audition.

That said, I know Axiom makes an excellent product, most likely superior to Streem's. Cost aside, I'm sure the Epic 80 would outperform the HT-808. The question that I had was, "which is the better value?" In that regard, from everything truthful I've read, the answer is "Streem" -- hands down.

Case closed.