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Oh, that's cute. The "Cabin Guy" now suddenly shows up. And NeverHappy just coincidentally notices and posts right underneath him.

You got way to much free time there buddy! First I'm a liar and now like you, I'm two people in one. COOL!

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Anyone who cares about audio, and not just shilling for his particular brand

This is the only thing that is starting to piss me off a little. Why do you keep ignoring the fact that I have Monitor Audios? Is it to big a sentence for you to take in all at once?

Like I said, keep up the good work as you have no idea how much fun this is turning out to be. Best part is, I don't have to do squat, you do it all for me!!!

One more thing there skippy, please stop pushing those's embarrassing. As for the reviews, give us all a break already and get over it.