EP175 Subwoofer

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EP175 Subwoofer

A solid-performing subwoofer with tight, clean musical bass for music as well as convincing powerful home theater special effects.

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Want realistic home theater bass impact? The EP175 uses a powerful 200-watt internal amplifier with a robust linear power supply. This power supply gives your EP175 lots of dynamic headroom for burst of heavy bass to produce convincing low frequency effects - explosions and deep musical bass from home theater soundtracks. This isn't a low-budget one-note squawking box - you'll be impressed with the tuneful response of this sub.

"The EP175 could be adjusted to rattle the walls at the appropriate times and simply blend in with the towers when not being called upon to perform their low frequency antics." -- Mike Bell, Designtechnia

EP175 Amplifier

The EP175 features a robust 10-inch aluminum-cone driver and cast-aluminum basket, which provides a linear performance with excellent heatsinking properties; it is less susceptible to the distortion and breakup that plague other subwoofer cone materials. Our proprietary Vortex port is a highly efficient dual-port array that eliminates port noise yet increases low bass output.

This is an ideal sub for typically sized living rooms (approximately 20 x 12 x 8 feet). The EP175 comes with anti-resonance rubber feet or you can choose optional custom metal spikes at no extra charge by clicking on Customize Yours. These feet ensure that the speaker stays put while the rest of the room vibrates around it! It features an output jack so that you can 'daisy-chain' a second subwoofer into your system for even smoother bass response throughout the room.

Audition the EP175 in your home for 30 days. Features an industry-leading five-year warranty on all components and free shipping!

Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Average living rooms, large bedrooms, smaller home theaters


All Axiom non-DSP Subwoofers feature:

  • Aluminum Woofers

  • Vortex Porting

  • Powered Built-In Amplifier

  • Adjustable Crossover

  • Phase Switch

  • Output Level Control

  • Line Level and Speaker Level Inputs
  • Line Level Output
  • Trigger In and Out

Enclosure Reflex
Woofer 10"
Dimensions H W D (inches) 17 x 14.75 x 17
Dimensions H W D (mm) 430 x 375 x 430
0 & 180 Phase Adjust Yes
Balanced In and Out No
Crossover Adjust Positions 2
Die Cast Woofer Basket Yes
DSP Amplitude Response Control No
Frequency Graph
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) Hz 28 - 150
High Level In Yes
Line In and Out Yes
Low Frequency Response to -10dB Hz 24
Max SPL Anechoic 104
Max SPL In-room 114
Power Watts Continuous RMS 220
Power Watts Peak Dynamic 550
Weight in Kilos 19
Weight in Pounds 41
Frequency Graph Frequency Graph
EP175 Subwoofer


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"'The EP175 is fast and tuneful and very, very clean.'"
Wes Phillips, onhometheater.com
Professional Ratings & Reviews
". . . bombastic orchestral scores, pounding LFE tracks, densely layered sound effects and ambiance. The Axioms handled it all with panache, serving up a vibrant sonic performance, with all the dynamics, impact, detail, and spatial definition that you could ask for."
- Kevin Elliot, AudioWorld.com
"The EP175 is fast and tuneful and very, very clean. If you take the time to set it up optimally with the M22s, the results are astonishingly transparent and musical. That $900 speaker system will give you bass down 30Hz and a seamless, thrillingly musical soundstage. If your HT system has to perform double duty and play your music as well as your films, you could do a lot worse than the EP175. In fact, you'd have to spend a lot more money to do better."
- Wes Phillips, onhometheater.com
"The sub cranks out nice, deep and rich bass that'll rattle your walls if you want it to. Surprisingly for this price point, the sub comes with balanced and unbalanced inputs, which makes it compatible with broad range of receivers or amplifiers."
- Jim Bray, Technofile
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Customer Reviews
I listened to my M3's for a couple of years without a sub, and then finally decided to take the plunge with this beautiful subwoofer. It offers tight, responsive bass, that blends easily with the mids and highs of the M3's. They are a great match. I would highly recommend that anyone with a pair of Axiom bookshelf speakers, buy this subwoofer to achieve a full and amazing range of sound.
- Shaun L., OR
Unbelievably clear bass. Fantastic for home theater, but even better for listening to all types of music cds. No 'muddiness' ever, unlike just about every sub I listened to at every audio/electronics store. I could not be any happier with the sound.
- Robert P., TX
Love the EP175, I have a room 12 x 20 with a vaulted ceiling and it sounds great, did have to use a 3 to 2 prong receptacle to get rid of the hum and also had to have the amp replaced which was done free of charge by Axiom and quickly as well
- Steven V., FL
Excellent little subwoofer - I've had mine now for just about 10 years and it still performs flawlessly. Surprisingly a very musical little sub - very fast. I recently purchased a second one to use with my existing in a dedicated two-channel 'mid-fi' configuration.
- Ronald C., PEI
I set up the M22ti's and the EP175 in my billiard room last night. These speakers replaced some ancient EPI speakers I bought about 25 years ago. The sound is incredibly improved. I had to hook up the subwoofer on the high level inputs since my amp is an early model A/V amp with with no sub-woofer output. First played some of Dave Grusin's 'Cinemagic' CD (some deeply orchestrated movie themes), and played with the placement, crossover, levels, etc. My son and I then settled in to watch several DVD concerts, simply in awe of the sound. My wife was stopped in her tracks at the impact (Peter Gabriel at the time), and sat down with us for the rest of the concert. Clearly, I am very pleased with the purchase. Even the analog cable TV (also on this system) sounds great.Thanks,
- Rich T., AZ
I spent a few months without a sub and am now wondering why I ever waited so long before buying the EP175. Initially, I was considering going with another company for the sub. I narrowed it down to three competitors. At first I wanted a downward or floor-firing sub; though it was the EP175’s musical proficiency that sealed the deal. All the floor-firing subs had a lag, or delay if you prefer, on all music. Nothing will hurt a musician’s or music enthusiast’s ear more that hearing a bass riff or for that matter a drummer’s double-base run sound sloppy and uneven. It should also be mentioned that the EP175 does a fantastic job in any movie as well. Deep tight bass = EP175.
- Carl-John, PQ
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  • EP175 Subwoofer

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