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DSP Power In a Built In Subwoofer Enclosure

Low, low bass that truly disappears into your room is the ultimate way to blend form and style, and the EP500 in-cabinet subwoofer delivers in spades!

Axiom's first and most popular DSP subwoofer, the Epicenter EP500 is the first subwoofer of its size to truly go down to a couch-shaking 19 Hz in an anechoic environment. If you've been longing for the kind of seat-rumbling experience you get in a good movie theater, you'll get it with the EP500. And now you can have it in a custom enclosure you can build into an armoire, entertainment unit, or right into a home theater wall!

The sub's baffled front edge protudes very slightly from the front of the armoire, getting rid of any acoustic boundaries that might arise.

And in a true innovation, the amplifier actually sits outside of the subwoofer, with controls easily accessible in your equipment rack. Turn on the subsonic filter, adjust the phase and crossover, and change the volume, all without having to crawl around behind the built in subwoofer!

The amplifier in the EP500 is in a completely different class than other subwoofers selling for under $4,000. It has a large toroidal transformer and 66,000 uf of capacitance storage. This means there is many times the rated power available for dynamic headroom. This means no problem reproducing things like explosions in a movie; the EP500 has lots of extra power for this.

Reviewers and customers alike have been amazed by the musicality of this subwoofer:

"In every configuration that I tried this sub in, it performed at world-class levels. It is both able to convey subtle musical notes, and earth-shaking low-frequency movie effects effortlessly. It's not a hard stretch to say that this sub's performance matches or exceeds the best 12" subs that are available at ANY price."-- Geoff Cintron, AudioReview.com

Though claims of 19 Hz are made every day by manufacturers, specifications are normally calculated in unrealistic environments (like a closet!). Planning on using your sub in a real room? The EP500 achieves ultra-low bass with none of the uneven performance of conventional subs - Intelligent DSP doesn't allow peaks and dips. It controls every frequency from 16 - 100 Hz, maintaining a smooth, flat response within 1.5 dB across the range. That means you'll hear undistorted, profoundly deep rumbles all the way to 18 Hz.

What's more, this subwoofer is unbreakable. The EP500's massive 12-inch aluminum driver with a 3-inch diameter dual voice coil, and its companion 500-watt power amplifier are tightly controlled by the DSP. Its special algorithm commands the subwoofer to deliver peak performance without ever being overdriven. And its maximum undistorted output of 120 dB is louder than a full orchestra in a concert hall. At last, professional cinema realism is available in your home theater!

"When I cranked the volume up to obscene levels... I couldn’t hear any distortion from the 12" cone no matter how much I increased the volume -- just solid, deep, room-shaking bass. The Axiom EP500 is a bargain among high-end subwoofers." -- Vince Hanada, HomeTheaterSound

You don't have to take our word for it - audition this sub in your own home. The EP500 comes with a 30-day in-home trial, an industry-leading five-year warranty and free shipping.


Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Best For: Average to big living rooms, great rooms and dedicated home theaters

Would using two subwoofers in my room improve the performance?

Using multiple subwoofers in one room gives you much smoother bass response at many more seating positions around the room.


All Axiom Subwoofers feature:

  • High-Powered Amplifier

  • Dynamic Power Supply

  • Ultra High-Power Woofer Design

  • XLF Intelligent Digital Signal Processing

Download PDF Manual:



Enclosure Sealed
Weight (lbs) each 72.6 lbs
Weight (kg) each 32.931 kg
Item Returns This item can be returned
Anechoic Resp. +/- 1.5dB 18Hz - 150Hz
Balanced Line In and Out Yes
Cross-over Adjust 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz
Dimens. Exposed Outside of Cabinet/Wall H W D (inches) 191/2 x 15 1/2
Dimens. Exposed Outside of Cabinet/Wall H W D (mm) 495 x 378 x 10.75
Dynamic Power Supply Yes
High Level In Yes
High Powered DSP Engine Yes
In-Cabinet/In-Wall Dimens. H W D (inches) 183/4 x 141/8 x 191/8
In-Cabinet/In-Wall Dimens. H W D (mm) 475 x 358 x 484.25
Line In and Out Yes
Max SPL Anechoic 114 dB
Max SPL In Room 120 dB
Phase Variable
RMS Amp Power 500 Watts
Room Resp. + 3dB/- 9dB 17Hz - 150Hz
Woofer Size 12
Frequency Graph Frequency Graph

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  1. 'These subs push the envelope of performance.'

    Review by Gene Della Sala, Audioholics

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