M100 Floorstanding Speakers

M100 Floorstanding Speakers
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Axiom's flagship floorstanding speaker – demanded by the audiophile who wants it all.

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Premium performance

Axiom's flagship floorstanding speaker is designed for the audiophile who wants it all. This speaker shows off the best of what over 30 years of audio research has proven - you will be blown away by the clarity, detail, powerful bass, and stunning dynamics this speaker will add to your listening experience. It has unprecedented tonal range, all in perfect balance: from deep low powerful bass, clear open midrange, and extended nuanced treble. You'll hear the click of the castanets, the tinkle of the triangle, and the soul-stirring reverberations of the big bass drums.

Triple woofers, dual midranges, and twin tweeters - hear it all! That's 7 drivers in each M100 floorstanding speaker - 14 in a pair - for spectacular power handling up to 400 Watts and deep extended powerful bass. From the tight snap of a bass drum to the shimmer of brushed cymbals, the accuracy of this speaker will astound you. The M100 transforms musical recordings into live performances in your living room, and brings definitive realism to home theater.

"Axiom deserves a gold medal -- or, better still, a Reviewers' Choice award -- for how much sonic goodness they've packed into the wonderful M100. The Axiom M100 stands as one of the best-balanced reasonably priced speakers I've heard. Enthusiastically recommended."
-- Oliver Amnuayphol, SoundStage Hi Fi
M100 Floorstanding Speaker
high-powered woofer

Rediscover your music collection

Jazz, classical, deep pulsing rock, or taut, tight rap - you will rediscover your music collection with the M100s. You'll hear details that used to be buried in the mix - the sound of fingers sliding up and down guitar strings, the quick breath in a jazz rendition, the completely effortless reproduction of male and female vocals that produce natural, smooth sound. The M100s create a three-dimensional soundstage with plenty of depth and width that envelop your whole room in the performance.

These 4-ohm audiophile speakers will create ultra-clean, high-volume levels in large rooms. The M100s come with supplied adjustable metal feet, die cast baskets, bi-wire capabilities, and a wrench for tightening the binding posts. Optional accessories include machined aluminum outriggers, custom finishes, or carpet spikes.

If you would like to have your speakers painted to match your walls we can do it. The upcharge is $150 for your entire order for this option.
Call us at 1-888-352-9466 to get all the details

Questions We Get All the Time

What brand of AV receiver should I consider to drive the 4-ohm M100 loudspeakers?

For rooms up to 4,000 cu. ft in volume (length x width x height), Axiom has found that receivers from: Denon, NAD, Outlaw Audio, Sherwood Newcastle, Harman/Kardon, Rotel, B&K, Pioneer Elite, high-end Onkyo ($800 and up) and high-end Yamaha ($1000-plus) are the most stable and will make these speakers sing. Buyers who have "great rooms" or those with cathedral ceilings or who want movie-theater-loud playback levels in such rooms should consider using separate outboard power amplifiers for at least the M80s.

What distance from the back wall?

A minimum clearance of 2 inches from the back wall is sufficient. If deep bass output is exaggerated, move the speaker farther out from the wall behind.

What distance from the side walls?

Avoid corners where possible and keep the speakers at least 1 foot or so away from the side walls.

Why 4-ohm Impedance?

The impedance is not chosen by the speaker designer. The impedance is determined by the number of drivers in the speaker (an M100 has seven) and the complexity of the crossover network. To try and make the M100 an 8-ohm speaker would degrade its sound quality and result in power losses.

Benefits associated with 4-ohm Impedance?

Impedance is an electrical trait. If the receiver or amplifier is stable into 4-ohm loads, it will be able to "pull" more power, up to twice as much, from the amplifier than an 8-ohm speaker.

Why dual tweeters?

Dual tweeters (and dual midranges and woofers) are used in the M100's to greatly increase maximum power handling (volume) and lower distortion at very loud playback levels.


All Axiom Tower Speakers feature:

  • Titanium Tweeters

  • Aluminum Woofers (and Midranges where applicable)

  • Anti-Standing-Wave cabinets that suppress internal resonances which color sound

  • Vortex-ported cabinets to reduce port noise

  • 5-way gold-plated binding posts

Enclosure Triple Vortex / Reflex
Max RMS Amp Wattage 600 Watts
Max Dynamic Amp Wattage 2400 Watts
Min Amp Power 10 Watts
Freq Resp +/-3dB (Hz) 31 Hz – 20 kHz
Freq Resp +3dB- 10dB (Hz) 25 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance (Ohms) 4 Ohms
SPL in Room1w/1m(db) 93 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m(db) 89 dB
X-Over 200 Hz & 2 kHz
Tweeter Dual 1"
Midrange Dual 5.25"
Woofer Triple 6.5" High Power
Dimensions H W D (inches) 47.5" x 9.25" x 17"
Dimensions H W D (mm) 1207 x 235 x 432
Weight (lbs) each 81 lbs
Weight (kg) each 37 kgs
Frequency Graph Frequency Graph
Impedance Graph Impedance Graph


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Customer Reviews
I use spotify streaming @320kbps & by turning up an external amp the M100v3smake 2 channel listening as if you were in the 3rd row of a small venue. Superior speakers.
- Tim V., CA
I recently took delivery of Axiom M-100 floor standing speakers. These are very impressive speakers, handsomely packaged in a wood grained cherry finish, frankly the best speakers I have ever owned. They deliver clean, rich, natural sound over the entire musical spectrum from crisp highs to tight deep lows. Superbly effortless sound
- Kevin L., WA
The M100's have great sound with the added 3 piece grilles to make them stand out however you like. Like the M80's build quality is great. I have a smaller front area with my TV and have no room for a front subwoofer. With the M100's I have no need for one and the lows are tight without distortion. Paired with the EP800 movies come to life. I have a EP800 at back near seating area. I sit about 12ft from TV and with added height of speakers I find the highs blend nicely and don't hit above ear level.
- Adam H., AB
I recently purchased a pair of M100 floorstanding speakers from Axiom. I have to comment that this has been the best buy that I have made compared to the B&W I had previously. The sound that comes out of the speakers -the tweeters and the base units are amazing. Having played these units for almost a month I will certainly give them a rating of 5 stars.. I also had in my possession Axiom M80 whicjh I traded in for the M100. The clarity of the sound that the M100 produces is beyond reproach. I would definitely give the speakers a 5 star rating
- Trevor M., ON
In the time since these speakers arrived, I have been very impressed with their performance. In comparison to the M80s these speakers are quite a bit larger and much heavier, but the soundstage provided by these speakers is much more immersive. I have had the opportunity to test several movies and different types of music and the one thing that stands out with these speakers is their very impressive bass output. I recall after watching Lord of the Rings that I noticed I forgot to turn my subwoofer on prior to watching the movie, however during the duration of the movie, I never noticed that the subwoofer was not on, that speaks volumes of the level of bass output provided by these speakers! The mid and upper ranges are also very strong with these speakers. There never seems to be any strain, all the mids and highs seems to be produced naturally with these speakers, no experience of straining which I have had with previous speakers. I use these speakers in a 5.1 setup along with the VP180, QS8s and a EP500. These speakers are fantastic as a pair of fronts for a home theater setup, but having tested them in a stereo setup as well, they are also a very strong option for stereo users. In terms of amplification, these speakers seem to shine at their best when connected to an external amp capable of driving atleast 300 watts into each channel. I noticed these speakers were able to produce a lot more power, especially in the lower range after connecting them to an external amplifier.I give these speakers my highest recommendation, the amount of power produced by these speakers is simply outstanding and will keep you wanting to listen for hours on end, they are quite addictive. An easy 5 out of 5 stars!
- Nelson T., ON
I had M80's first versions and now own the M100's. in a 7.1 application. The family of curves have certainty changed over time, but what I can say is that the bass is more present, I've always felt that the M80's lacked a little in the bass dept. so from my perspective these M100's are Axiom perfect little secret. Axiom has outdone themselves with this new flagship tower speaker it doesn't get any better than this!
- John Z., QC
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