QS10HP Surround Speakers

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QS10HP Surround Speakers
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Reference-quality surround sound that transforms your living room into a theater.

The QS10 brings the trademark Axiom quadpolar surround format – loved by critics and customers alike – and adds a new dimension in sound, with fullest-range playback we have ever offered in a surround speaker.

Sound fires in four directions

The QS series features twin titanium tweeters and dual aluminum woofers top and bottom. But the QS10s take it a step further, moving midrange frequencies to the 5.25” woofers, and adding a high-powered 6.5” woofer to carry the lowest notes. The two 5.25” midranges are now in their own sealed enclosures. The three-way enclosure gives you even wider dispersion than with the smaller surround speakers.

Complete sound immersion

All you'll feel is complete immersion in the movie or music soundtrack. Unlike traditional direct-radiating surround speakers that have just two drivers, the Axiom Quadpolar speakers effectively mimic the special sound effects of large Dolby movie theaters for all seats in the room.

"The QS10 is perfect for people who have an all-out state-of-the-art home theater system and are demanding a surround channel that has the ability to produce real bass output."
Andrew Welker, Axiom Engineer

Aluminum Woofer

Questions We Get All the Time

Can I put these in a bookshelf or on a table?

Our Quadpolar speakers have a driver on the bottom. There are several mounting options for these easy-to place speakers. You can use the free included T-Bracket to flush-mount the QS10 on a wall. Alternatively, Axiom's Full Metal Bracket will let you tilt or swivel the QS10, for placement on angled wall or bulkhead. We also offer a Full Metal Ceiling Bracket so that you can hang the QS10s in the room. We also recommend the specially designed FMS QS that allows the bottom woofer to fire freely. But no, the speaker cannot sit on a bookshelf - it has to be elevated.

What size room do these work in?

Average to large living rooms and home theaters.

How much power does my receiver need for these speakers?

Home theater receiver with more than 100 watts per channel or separate power amp.


All Axiom Millennia Surround Speakers feature:

  • Twin Titanium Tweeters

  • Dual Aluminum Woofers, top and bottom (QS10 adds a front-firing aluminum woofer)

  • Anti-Standing-Wave Cabinets

  • Quadpolar Technology

  • 24 karat 5-way gold-plated binding posts
Enclosure Sealed
Max Amp Power 400 Watts
Min Amp Power 10 Watts
Freq Resp +/-3dB (Hz) 70 - 20 kHz
Freq Resp +3dB- 9dB (Hz) 50 - 20 kHz
Impedance (Ohms) 8
SPL in Room1w/1m(db) 92 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m(db) 88 dB
X-Over 500 & 2 kHz
Tweeter Dual 1"
Midrange 5.25" x 2
Woofer 6.5" HP
Dimensions H W D (inches) 13 x 13.75 x 7
Dimensions H W D (mm) 330 x 350 x 178
Weight (lbs) each 26
Weight (kg) each 12 kg
QS10HP Surround Speakers


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  • QS10HP Surround Speakers

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