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Jump to new posts Re: ELAC speakers by Mojo @ Today at 12:10 AM

Originally Posted By BuddTXDennis Murphy has some mod that he sells, where he changes out the tweeter and modifies the crossover of the Andrew jones pioneer speakers. Hmmmm...I didn't see those on his site. He seems like a very interesting fellow.
Advice from Axiom Owners
Jump to new posts Re: T.V. Stand for VP180 by Jeff1981 @ Yesterday at 10:20 PM

Cool cool. I'm going to pull the trigger and go with this idea. I found some nice looking couplings for the pipes that I think I'll use to juice it up a little. So I'll use two 6" pipes with couplings in the middle for the bottom shelf and 3&quo
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Small Car recommendations... by SqBobGodPants @ Yesterday at 09:53 PM

Fun choice! Good luck and have a blast.
What's New At Axiom
Jump to new posts Re: AxiomAir by Nachosgrande @ Yesterday at 09:21 PM

Any word on delivery dates? Will we receive an email when it has shipped?
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Question about EP600 v3 sub by craigsub @ Yesterday at 07:19 PM

This is as good a time as any to delve into what to look for at Data Bass. The vast majority of people go right to the CEA-2010 Burst test, which is, to anyone who has experience with subwoofers, a mistake. For example, the 20 Hz burst has a duratio
Jump to new posts Re: Stunning Recordings by Strider53 @ Yesterday at 03:57 PM

Just finished with this disk, New Years Concert 2012, the Vienna Philharmonic. I thought it was a fine recording with an excellent live performance. Enjoyed it tremendously! Jeff
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Lark called NetFlix by Ken.C @ Yesterday at 08:57 AM

Always remember, contract call center supervisors are the ones who control the user interface.
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: FOR SALE by Ian @ 10/05/15 10:57 AM

Hi eman, We had thought about having a place for selling products on our forum but in the end we decided against it because we had no way to ensure anything about the transaction went smoothly and people would legitimately feel that we should as the
Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Lets plan a theater space by Serenity_Now @ 10/05/15 05:16 AM

Thanks. Its been a haul, but almost there. The QRD diffuser remains. It's getting colder by the day, so I wanna pound it out this week and get my garage half sane for parking two cars again. Hate scraping morning frost.
What's New At Axiom
Jump to new posts Re: Celebrate Good Times by tomtuttle @ 10/04/15 11:22 PM

Thank you very much for the pictures, TAM. It's very nice to see Ian, Amie, Fred and Mel again. Looks like a lot of fun, and I'm sorry I missed it.
Jump to new posts Re: Solarrdadd's 7.1 Apartment HT! by solarrdadd @ 10/04/15 10:42 PM

Originally Posted By PremoHow did you connect those 14 speakers to the Onkyo when it is only a 9.2 channel. you proceed from false assumptions; they are not in one system. I gave my daughter her first 5.1 system with 5 axiom speakers, I have 7
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Favourite Guitar Riff/Solo by Strider53 @ 10/04/15 08:13 AM

Andy Timmons "Cry for You"
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Question for the BBQ experts by bridgman @ 10/04/15 12:16 AM

For scratch pizza (or bread) it's worth making dough balls up in advance and keeping them in fridge/freezer to be pulled out as needed. A couple of extra days in the fridge seems to make the dough tastier as well. Not sure about the pellet grill but
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Hows the Water ? by craigsub @ 10/03/15 10:42 PM

Originally Posted By drunkonjackI made that previous post using my dam That's pretty good. The girls taught you how it works, awesome!
Technical Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Fuse replacement for EP350 sub? by Serenity_Now @ 10/03/15 07:01 PM

Contact Axiom for assistance. Hope its a simple fix for you.
Hearing Things
Jump to new posts Re: Axiom M50 Floor Standing Loudspeaker Review by craigsub @ 10/02/15 11:34 AM

Thanks Tom - Two SACD's are ordered!
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: OT: Jokes by SqBobGodsUndies @ 10/01/15 01:06 PM

Did you hear about the Jewish boy that asked his father for 30 dollars? His father replied "20 dollars? What do you want 10 dollars for?" Q: What do you call a quadriplegic on your doorstep? A: Matt
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: Cam, you kill me! by SqBobGodsUndies @ 10/01/15 12:51 PM

Home Theater
Jump to new posts Re: Movie suggestions for "Premier " night by Serenity_Now @ 09/30/15 06:13 PM

This calls for buttertarts!!
Jump to new posts Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? by tomtuttle @ 09/30/15 02:56 PM

Tragically Hip, Paramount Theater, Seattle 9/29/15. "Fully Completely" is a masterpiece. Gord Downie is a freak of the highest order. And probably an artistic genius. Really great show.
The Water Cooler
Jump to new posts Re: So what are you watching tonight? by Serenity_Now @ 09/30/15 05:07 AM

Oh yeah, CV, if youre into concert blurays at all, and like LCD Soundsystem, "Shut Up and Play the Hits" is a reference, must own, concert bluray. Reggie Watts's energy in "you cant hide" is pheonominal. James Murphy is a bit o

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