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Re: What video games are you playing tonight? rrlev 12/04/20 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by TrevorM
I cant believe you dont get pukey at that distance. Impressive. My first frankenstein setup was a 85” screen we sat 75” from. Crammed to say the least. I remember having to look at the floor periodically to stop motion sickness playing driving games. Lol.

You have strong sea legs I bet. smile
I haven't tried sitting closer the 1x for long periods of time ... so I may not be immune.

Playing video games that close would definitely do it ... my thought on this is with a flat screen your not fully immersed and your brain can't handle having such a large moving center image while the edges remain fixed. Plus the fact that your brain knows the image is flat ...

... wow ... keep having new thoughts on this resulting in too many posts in a row ...
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Re: Apple Airplay 2 Mojo 12/04/20 05:05 PM
Is it toasted cherry or toasted cherry chestnut? Cherry chestnut is most excellent.

Anything else interesting in that release? Where are the release notes?
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Re: Can you connect USB Extrenal HD to AA Kodiak 12/03/20 04:18 AM
Thanks for answering your own question. I read it and was hoping that was the answer. I’m about to buy a new hard drive for all my music files and run it thru an axiom air transformer. So I’m glad that works. If a 500 gb works than I’m assuming a 1 tb will work or bigger too.
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Re: Moved my Stereo from Canada to Costa Rica Mojo 12/02/20 04:43 PM
What finish is that? Nice view BTW.
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Re: M100s? Mojo 12/02/20 04:39 PM
I can vouch both the OW and bookshelf M5 models have more than ample 'nads even if excised at 80Hz.
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Re: Klipsch vs Axiom Mojo 12/02/20 01:55 AM
It's a terrible affliction this acoustic atelophobia.
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Re: So what are ya listening to tonight? CV 12/01/20 05:02 AM
Originally Posted by Rebulx
CV, what a playlist! it's a retro tour for sure! A very fun listen! I just loved that your choices were so off the wall to me, it's great listening to new stuff.

Ha ha, a significant portion were definitely back-in-the-day picks. And I'm glad you liked some of them! Even if no one else listened, it's already come in handy to have on in the background when I'm doing stuff around the house. I like occasionally looking over at some of the visuals.
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Re: Help needed with M5HP receiver options Sinclair 11/30/20 03:36 AM
brendo, I agree that some of those old designs are mind boggling, amazing and scary at the same time. Also agree on the value of science and engineering the enthusiasts of vintage hi-fi equipment carry on.

Speaking about Paul McGowan, I agree that his style and narrative might not be greatest/best for everyone. Still, he has achieved a lot as an engineer and entrepreneur. And, perhaps the most important thing is that he did not outsource and that requires lots of guts. Endless legion of others sold their souls to cheap manufacturing while keep asking high $ for their product with the smile on their faces. Last but not least, isn't Ian trying to promote Axiom speakers in his youtube videos? I think he is and I think that is absolutely fine and, actually, expected from him and anyone else who is proud of his achievements and interested in promoting his business. So does Nelson Pass and many others. Nelson has certainly more entertaining style, for sure smile

Thank you for recommending Hans Beekhuyzen, pure pleasure...
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Re: M5HP as Centre TrevorM 11/29/20 10:34 PM
M5s all around would be awesome with ceiling speakers
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