"AXIOM audio, can I help you".
"Hi, could I speak to sales please"?
"Sure, one moment". Canadians sure talk funny.
"Good morning, this is Noreen..".
"Hi Noreen, how are ya? You sound a little tired".
"Well it is 9:00 Monday morning, ya know, but i'm good. Thanks for asking".

Noreen has an area of the website dedicated entirely to her and I can see why. But in the bigger sense she reflects the comfortable way in which I, as a customer, was treated....

But hold on, lets start at the beginning. Over the next month or so I thought i'd detail my experience in discovering, reviewing, purchasing, and auditioning a pair of Axiom M3Ti's.

My motive is nothing more than to objectively highlight my experience and have a little fun and hopefully share this with those interested so that it may/or may not factor in their purchase decision. The installments that will follow are just the observations of an ordinary listener, in an ordinary room, with ordinary intelligence, and slightly better than ordinary equipment. Please read on.

I live in Southern California. Academically I have a couple of degrees, professionally I work with computers, and personally I enjoy surfing, cooking, wine, cars, nature, and photography to name a few.

My stereo is humble but I think a good representation of what you can do on a budget-

  • NAD 751 reciever
  • NAD 521 CD player
  • IXOS 6003 gamma series speaker wire
  • A nice inter connect
  • and some nice plugs

Just an ordinary L-shaped room with carpet, some drapes, furnature, and approxamately 10x 15x15.

So now that we have a little background, I think I'll take a break for a coffee and then start at the beginning.