...so I have plopped down on the sofa with my espresso (did you know that the relentless pursuit of a good cup of espresso is quite analagous to that of good audio? OK later)...

Before I start I just want to make it clear that I already know where this story is going to end and you do not so it is very important that you complete the ENTIRE journey with me to find out the correct conclusion.

Thank you.

First the Sarah CD, then Anita, and finally Stan and some blue note jazz by Jimmy Smith....So how long can I draw this out?

Well, I didn't hear what I was hoping to hear.

My first response was disappointment. The depth of the soundstage was compressed, and the music sounded...well, constipated. Like the face of an old female baptist parishiner who had seen a porn site for the first time. There was a NY city grime over the whole spectrum that, as if like a dirty window, needed to be wiped to its sparkling state.

Everything sounded very recessed in the middle and upper end, though I can say that the upper bass was quite punchy and tight- Far more so that I exspected. And with some careful room placement you could even augment it a little without getting boomy.

The burning question is why, why....why?! Why was I not hearing what all these acomplished audiophiles and other listeners were hearing? In the past I thought it was me, but later realized that mediocraty runs rampent and I for some reason was able to distinguish quality where others could not. Was this another case?

You will have to wait till next time to find out.....Nope, not even a hint.........But please reread the opening of this passage before you leave.

Thanks, Bill