Walked into the living room yesterday after being gone for a few hours. I walked over to where my dog was laying and got down and laid there with her for a few minutes. After loving on her a bit I decided to get up, that's when my eye's came across something quite unexpected... I saw a black object laying on a pillow on the floor with a very familiar speaker built into it. It's funny how the mind works when it's encountering something unexpected because for a fleeting moment I remember thinking, "oh, did I get a new speaker"???

Of couse a split second later I realized this could not be the case, because getting a new speaker usually requires picking up the phone, placing and order, paying for the new speaker, and then waiting for it to arrive. I had done none of those things. That's when my eye's suddenly shot up to the wall to see... a couple of wires hanging ominously out of a hole drilled smartly into it.

"WHAT THE *&%#@%*&$@#"!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sprung to my feet and took in the scene. A broken printer directly beneath where the QS8 had hung. The top grill cover to the QS8 laying 6 feet from where the QS8 was laying on the pillow on the floor. And when I picked the QS8 up, broken grill connectors on top of the speaker where the grill cover had once been. I quickly added it all up in my head, my QS8 had fallen off of the wall.... but how???

I inspected the speaker thoroughly, luckily none of the speakers had been damaged themselves. The damage to the housing was limited to a small dent on one of the corners, and the grill cover connectors that broke off during the fall. Luckily it was the top grill, not the bottom. And there was still one connector intact, so I'm able to place the grill back ontop of it and you can't tell it's damaged without a thorough shake down. My first order of business was to check the 'T' wall mount to see if there was a problem... negative. It was still solidly in place, it wasn't budging from it's position. Next I checked the mounting hooks on the back of the QS8, did they somehow come loose.... negative. Just as strong and secure as ever. So what the hell happened then?

I decided to connect the wires back up, and mount it back on it's 'T' bracket. I did so and then got a flashlight and checked to see that it was sitting firmly in the hooks just as the left QS8 is..... negative. It was just barely holding on to the hook. And this was after I very carefully manuvered the speaker around until if 'FELT' like it was sitting deep down in the hooks. I was very surprised. I lifted up the left hand QS8 and then reset it down in it's hooks paying close attention to how far it sank down in the hooks. Then I did the same to the QS8 that had just fallen off of the wall, it didn't seat nearly as far down. So then I had to really bear down on it until I finally felt it sink down another few 8th's of an inch. I looked with the flashlight, and now indeed it was finally where it was intended to be.

Now when I first hung the QS8's on the back wall I hadn't drilled a hole in behind the speaker and ran the wire up through the wall. I had simply screwed the 'T' brace into the drywall, and ran the wire up the wall and into a hole I drilled right above it in the ceiling. It wasn't until not too long ago that I got my dads fish wire off of him and ran the wires up through the walls. So evidence shows I did not seat the speaker properly in it's brace after doing so. Well, as far as that goes it could have NEVER been properly seated in the bracket, how would I know? Maybe I just got lucky all those months and it was on just good enough not to fall off of the wall. And it stayed that way until I literally placed that $150 dollar printer directly below it.

Let me inform you all of this, in an Axiom QS8 v/s an Epson photo printer head to head battle... the Epson looses!

It was sheer luck that there was a pillow laying on the floor directly where the surround sound speaker landed by the way. Yeah I had thought it awfully suspicious that it was laying there on a pillow on the floor. But when I questioned the little lady about the incident she assured me she hadn't touched the speaker, and that in fact she had no idea it had even fallen off of the wall as she had not been in the room while I was gone. And the horror in her eyes as she saw first hand what it had done to the poor Epson... well, that was all the proof I needed to realize she was telling the truth!

So a raise of hands for anyone that's found one of their prize speakers laying unsuspectingly on the floor... or better yet, witnessed the carnage first hand as it crashed to the ground! I know Alan had posted on here not too long ago about his VP150 falling out of it's place on his entertainment center. Has anyone else been as unlucky as we? Please share, so that I don't feel like such a fool any longer!

Misery loves company! ;\)

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