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Sharp Joins 3D LCD TV Parade: Offers Four-Color Display
Ian Paul

Apr 12, 2010 9:06 am

Sharp announced on Monday that it will be launching the world's first four-primary-color 3D LCD television set for availability later this year. The new television will require you to wear special glasses, as do most 3D sets being launched this year, and the company says its new LCD set will have a significantly brighter screen than its competitors. Sharp's 3D LCD will also feature Sharp's side-mount scanning LED backlight technology, which the company says reduces crosstalk--an effect in 3D sets that causes a ghost image to appear onscreen (even when wearing glasses) similar to a double exposure photograph.

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Sharp says its new television boasts brighter more vivid colors thanks to its four-color technology where the set uses red (R), green (G), blue (B) and yellow (Y) to produce color images as opposed to sets that use the standard RGB color display. The electronics maker also claims that its television will deliver a superior 3D image than its competitors thanks to several proprietary technologies Sharp has developed including the company's four-color display and side-mount scanning LED backlight technology. Sharp is set to reveal further technical details about its LCD set next month, according to Crunchgear.

Betting Big on 3D

The television industry is betting that 3D technology will be very popular this year among home users. Sharp is forecasting that 5 to 10 percent of its total television sales will come from 3D sets by March 2011, according to The Wall Street Journal. The year following, Sharp estimates that number will double to 20 or even 30 percent of the company's total television sales. Sony, one of Sharp's competitors, is similarly bullish about people bringing home 3D televisions this year. However, Sony and other manufacturers will have a slight lead time on Sharp. Sony's 3D sets are scheduled to be available worldwide this summer, and Panasonic 3D televisions are already available in the United States. Sharp, meanwhile, is only releasing its new 3D LCD set in Japan on an unspecified date this summer, and will then roll them out worldwide toward the end of the year.

Although 3D televisions are believed to be one of the biggest technology trends for 2010, the question remains whether people really want to bring a 3D-capable television into their home. As IDG News Service reported in January, there are some big obstacles to 3D TV adoption by home users including "the higher cost and complexity" of producing 3D content; the fact that you'll have to wear special glasses that may not be interchangeable with other 3D sets; and that millions of people have already invested in standard HDTVs. Despite those obstacles, however, most of the major television makers are betting that 3D televisions will be big this year including LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp and Sony.

Are you planning on buying a 3D television this year, or are you waiting for 3D sets that don't need glasses? Or do you think the 3D TV trend is simply doomed to fail?


Personally I think the television industry is a little out of touch with the times. Where I live anyway people are more interested in finding a job, not finding a nice, new $4000 dollar gimmick to bring home. And when I say gimmick I don't mean to say that the TV's don't look great, they do. But there is absolutely no standardization in 3D. It's barely gotten out of the gate yet, and already they're talking about the 3D technology that doesn't require glasses... oh ok, well let me run out right now and buy one of these new, expensive sets that require glasses so that I can replace it next year with a set that doesn't... are you freakin kidding me? And it doesn't stop there, along with the talk of the technology that doesn't require glasses is talk of the next generation of 3D technology that doesn't require glasses that's going to blow away the current technology that doesn't require glasses that is also by the way, NO WHERE CLOSE TO BEING ON THE MARKET YET!!!

Jesus Christ will you people slow down for a second!!! This is absolutely ludicris touting technology that's going to suceed technology that is several years from the market itself! How do they expect to push all of this stuff on America when the biggest priority on many people's minds these days is holding on to their house! It's disqusting to see these TV companies EXPECTING us to run out and grab these things up by the 'BOAT LOAD', when by all intents and purposes, they are disposable sets. The very same companies selling the current generation 3D sets are already working on the 2nd and 3rd generation technology, that they will no doubt roll out of their showrooms and straight down our throats just like they are these sets.

Pretty soon when you walk into any showroom across America a salesman will slap a pair of glasses on your face and dazzle you with their 3D sets. And they will undoubtedly tell you, "don't waste your money on a regular 2D/HD set, look at how stunning that picture is! Of course last year they had the HD sets in our face telling us, "don't wast your money on 720P, look at how stunning that 1080P looks"!!! But in 2 years they'll be shoving the 3D sets that don't require glasses in our faces saying, "why fumble around with those ridiculous glasses all the time, look at how stunning this picture is WITHOUT glasses"!!!

And of course they're right, it does look absolutely stunning... I just can't understand why they couldn't have skipped right over 1080p HD, past 3D w/glasses, past 3D w/out glasses, and straight into 5400p HD forth generation LED 3D without glasses projected on a freeze dried smoke screen powered by atomic battery cells... and been done with it? I mean the very, very LEAST you could do is not flaunt the fact that you have a TV coming out in 3 years that's going to put the TV you're trying to sell me right now to absolute shame! I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that's not exactly brilliant marketing.

Ok so moving away from my problem with how fast they're flying through these new technologies and comment on what I have a problem with as far as the technology immediately available... there is no standard in the industry, so for instance the glasses won't necessarily work from one set to the next if they aren't the same manufacturer. So if you have a 3D set and your neighbor has a 3D set, but they aren't both Samsung or whatever and you want to have them over for movie night, they can't bring their own glasses, now you have to buy an extra 4 or 5 pairs for them to be able to watch your TV.... how gay!

Ok, I'll get off of my soap box now and stop ranting away about this, I realize I'm starting to sound like a raving lunatic by now. But before I do I would just like to say for the record, that my vote goes towards, "the 3D TV trend is doomed to fail" simply because I want these guys to get a clue and realize they have to get their shit together and be a little more organized before they open the flood gates with this stuff an unleash it upon us like they're doing with little or no constraints in place. It really does make me angry to realize that they are trying their best to sell stuff they know for a fact will be totally out dated within the next few years.

I watched a video from Samsung, and the narrator comes on in a silky and relaxing voice and says, "to see Hollywoods newest line up of 3D movies, all you need is a Samsung 3D LED television, a Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player, some 3D glasses, a 3D Blu-Ray movie, and some popcorn... and you're all set"! I'm serious, sweat to God she said, "ALL YOU NEED"... like we can all just hop up out of our seat, run down to Walmart and pick that up while we're out getting catfood tonight! Unbelieveable! They are 100% clueless that for a rather large number of Americans out there today, that little all you need list represents 50% of the income they'll bring home this coming year! Get over yourself Samsung!

I spent a lot of money to bring the theater experience into my living room as did most everyone else on this board. But I have to say if there's any movies coming out that I feel I just HAVE TOO watch in 3D in the next few years, I'll shell out the money to see it in the theater in 3D, I'm not going to buy into technology still in it's infancy and throw away my money trying to be the first one on the block with a 3D HT. I'll gladly wait around until it's so good, and so cheap I just can't spend any less money and NOT get it.

Maybe I should take my grumpy butt to bed? \:o
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