Dean - I like all the "This is Trance" CD's that have come out over years; I got into this genre circa 1995 when a work-related presentation trip to Chicago brought (us) to a place called the Baja Beach Club. An old converted warehouse. Women serving beer in bikinis, great music and a fabulous audio system. I was hooked.

I've since discovered Symphonic, prog metal and mostly with female leads, (the M3ti's love female vocals),they're the best. Greatest of these IMO is Nightwish

with Tarja Turunen, a classically trained mezzo soprano who simply dazzles. Putting a "Operatic" singer with a metal band is just pure heaven. Who would of thought. Others include Within Temptation with Sharon Den Adel, Epica with Simon Simmons and a new one I just found called Delain.

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