I am an Oly shooter. I just like their user interface. They are comfortable to me. Not sure if they shoot any better than the other brands or any worse, but I do know that no matter what brand I go with, the camera will outshoot me, so that’s a mute point as far as I’m concerned. What’s important, is finding a camera that is comfortable for you. I have not messed with the micro 4/3’s, as I prefer DSLR. They do seam to fill a nitch market where folks want a compact size but the flexibility to swap lenses. Pretty cool. To me, if I want compact, it needs to be compact and fit in a shirt pocket. For that purpose I use the Oly shock and water proof cameras. They are good for when I’m on the water, and they do shoot well under water as well. The 620 is a very compact DSLR with the same sensor as the E30. I use both a 510 and E30. The E30 has incredible dynamic range that continues to impress the heck out of me. I just shoot in aperture priority and set that to get my desired depth of field and push the button and don’t worry about exposure. I suppose I should also mention that I do not use the camera’s JPEG engine and shoot Raw. I don’t know how well it does with JPEG. So having said that, I’m sure the 620 will shoot equally well as my E30. It’s pretty darn small too. You might want to give it a whirl.