Photog noob. Just got back from a trek to Machu Picchu. I bought the EPL1 specifically for this trip. Everyone was impressed by the shots, I even had someone ask me if it was an EPL1 on the top of a mountain at 15000 feet.

My only complaint is that the stock lens isn't as good as a true zoom (which some people lugged on the trail for 5 days) and it's a bit too big for a 5 days of hiking. My 17mm fixed lens is on order. wink

I figured Machu Picchu would be a great subject for Tilt/Shift. I'm still working on understanding the focal point... I also think it works better w/ less people and more inanimate stuff.

I'm on a Mac so I gave DoubleTake a try for stitching. Not bad. Sunrise at Machu Picchu. Man, it's tough dealing w/ the light at that time of the day.